Why Use a Website Designer and What To Expect

by Anthony Elleray |

If you’re refreshing your website or looking around for a new one it might be tempting to do it yourself. You’ve seen those adverts for Wix and SquareSpace, how hard can building a website be?


Whatever your business, your website is the most important part of it. Google alone receives over 63,000 searches per second, and 72% of people searching locally then go on to visit a store within five miles. With stats like those, can your website really afford to be anything but first class?

Think of your website as a traditional high-street or ‘bricks and mortar’ outlet. Unless you are a builder then you wouldn’t want to be constructing the shop itself. Customers won’t come in if the door is falling off or there are no windows. It should be well built and attractive to customers.

Your website is no different. That’s why you need a professional website designer.

Read on to discover what you can expect when working with a website designer such as Design The Box.

Dorset based web designer Design The Box

A clear vision

When building or refreshing your website it is important to have a clear vision of the final product. A good website designer will work with you to develop this vision. This vision is not just about design, it also includes what purpose the site needs to serve, what information should be on it and, if you are in ecommerce, how you can take payments.

Your website reflects your business values 

When working with you to develop this vision a good website designer will help you to create a website that mixes the values and unique selling points of your business with cutting edge design and functionality.

Clear communication

Clear communication is one of the best things about working with a website designer. Dealing with large, faceless companies that promise often leads to frustration; never getting to speak to the same person twice, designers not giving you enough time or exploring your ideas, emails being sent and sitting unanswered for days. Not so with a website designer such as Design The Box.

People led business

Like your business, Design The Box is a personable, people-led business. We care about you and work with you to build your website. When you commission a company such as Design The Box, you will always get to speak to the same person. You will get to work closely with a designer and fully explore your ideas about what you want from your website.

Your business is important to you. Work with someone who will also make it important to them.

Dorset based web designer Design The Box


Life and business are fluid. What you might plan to do today might totally change following a phone call from a potential customer or client. In order to survive and succeed you need to be flexible. 

Look for flexibility in a website designer

It is the same when working with a website designer. You need to look for someone who is flexible and can adapt to work around you and your business.


A website is not a static thing. It can’t just be made and then left. For a website to do what it is supposed to do - attract customers - it needs to be regularly updated and refreshed. This is where working with a website designer makes a huge difference. A monthly website contract ensures that your website can easily be updated whenever you want or whenever it needs. What is more, at Design The Box, in addition to our website packages, which start at £45 p/m, we also offer SEO support.

Your website needs to be found 

A comprehensive and well thought out SEO program makes a massive difference to your website. An SEO package makes sure that your customers can actually find you. Your website should be popping up on the first page of all their relevant searches. Afterall, it seems silly to invest in a website and then not promote it. At Design The Box, we work with you to get the most out of your website, offering SEO support from as little as £30 per month.